"The Slaakuis Sessie"

September 2006

The first MP3 release on Ketacore Records is an hour of pure noize by The Noizehoeren, Electrical Show Band. This formation
performed together only
once, a few years ago at the Slaakuis Squat in Rotterdam. The recording of this session was never released before, and now, finally, we have the honour to present it to you, in mp3. For free!

download the mp3:
The Noizehoeren - The Slaakhuis Sessie .mp3

download the cover designed by capslock:

watch some pictures of the session:
B.Slave's pictures


(The Noizehoeren are: B.Slave, Capslock, Copacod, FFF, FluffyBunny, NoizeTerrorist & Rioteer)